Classifications - index

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Page 1: Adams classification of diffuse axonal injury, DAI
Page 2: Alberta Stroke Programme Early CT Score (ASPECTS)
Page 3: ARDS on chest X-ray: stages
Page 4: ARDS on chest x-ray: phases
Page 5: Grades of osteoarthritis by Kellgren and Lawrence
Page 6: Grades of osteoarthritis by Ahlbäck
Page 7: Larsen score of joint involvement by rheumatoid arthritis on plain radiographs
Page 8: Sharp score of joint involvement by rheumatoid arthritis on plain radiographs
Page 9: van der Heijde modification of Sharp score of joint involvement by rheumatoid arthritis on plain radiographs
Page 10: Lichtman's radiographic classification of aseptic necrosis of lunate bone Kienbock's disease
Page 11: Kernohan grading of astrocytomas
Page 12: WHO grading of astrocytomas
Page 13: Fielding classification of atlanto-axial rotatory fixation
Page 14: Balthasar score of acute pancreatitis on unenhanced CT scan, CT severity index, CTSI
Page 15: Atlanta classification of acute pancreatitis - 2012 revision
Page 16: Bosniak classification of renal cysts
Page 17: Types of Budd-Chiari syndrome
Page 18: Chondromalacia - MRI grading by modified Outerbridge System
Page 19: Chondromalacia - MRI grading by modified Noyes System
Page 20: Chronic pancreatitis - Cambridge classification based on ERCP, ultrasound, and CT
Page 21: Chronic pancreatitis - Ammann's diagnostic criteria: The Zurich Classification for Alcoholic Chronic Pancreatitis
Page 22: Fracture of distal radius - types by Frykman
Page 23: Intraarticular fracture of distal radius - types by Melone
Page 24: Coxarthrosis - degenerative disease of the hip joint - grading of osteoarthrosis (modified Kellgren and Lawrence grades)
Page 25: Heterotopic ossification of the hip following total hip replacement - Brooker Classification
Page 26: Intervertebral disk degeneration - MRI classification by Watanabe et al.
Page 27: Intervertebral disc degeneration in lumbar spine - MRI classification by Pfirrmann et al.
Page 28: Longmire classification of extrahepatic biliary system
Page 29: Coronary artery dissection - NHLBI classification (The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute)
Page 30: TIMI grade flow - grading of coronary blood flow during coronary angiography
Page 31: TIMI frame count - evaluation of coronary blood flow during coronary angiography
Page 32: Myocardial blush grade - grading of myocardial perfusion during coronary angiography
Page 33: Myocardial collateral flow - Rentrop grading of collateral filling from the contralateral vessel on coronary angiography in coronary artery occlusion
Page 34: Developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH) - Crowe classification of severity of adult DDH
Page 35: Doubling time - calculation of growth rate of a lesion or a mass
Page 36: Interobserver agreement - interpretation of kappa values, Cohen's kappa, Fleiss' kappa
Page 37: Endoleak - types of endoleaks after endovascular aneurysm repair (EVAR)
Page 38: Epiphyseal fractures in children - classification by Salter-Harris and Aitken
Page 39: Occipital condylar fractures - classification by Anderson and Montesano
Page 40: Classification of acetabular fractures by Harris and Coupe
Page 41: Letournel and Judet classification of acetabular fractures
Page 42: Fracture of atlas (C1) - Gehweiler classification
Page 43: Fracture of the base of the first metacarpal bone (thumb) - types
Page 44: Anderson and D'Alonzo classification of odontoid fractures, fractures of dens axis (C2)
Page 45: Fractures of distal humerus - Müller AO classification
Page 46: Supracondylar fractures - Gartland classification of extension fractures
Page 47: Supracondylar fractures - Milch classification of single column fractures of lateral condyle
Page 48: Fractures of glenoid of scapula - Ideberg classification
Page 49: Fracture of femoral head - Pipkin classification
Page 50: Fracture of calcaneus - Sanders CT classification of intra-articular fractures
Page 51: Fracture of distal fibula - Weber classification of ankle fractures, Danis-Weber classification
Page 52: Lauge Hansen classification of ankle fractures
Page 53: Garden classification of femoral neck fractures - hip fracture
Page 54: Pauwels classification of femoral neck fractures - hip fracture
Page 55: Winquist and Hansen classification of femoral shaft fractures - fracture of thigh bone
Page 56: Hawkin's classification of talar neck fractures
Page 57: Otosclerosis - Veillon classification of otosclerosis
Page 58: Lung fibrosis in systemic sclerosis - grading by Wells et al.
Page 59: Lung fibrosis - semiquantitative grading by Warrick et al.
Page 60: Idiopathic Lung fibrosis - semiquantitative grading of fibrotic and ground glass score
Page 61: Fracture of shoulder blade, Zdravkovic - Damholt classification of scapular fractures
Page 62: Le Fort classification of fractures of facial skeleton
Page 63: Fracture of olecranon - Mayo classification
Page 64: Fracture of olecranon - Colton classification
Page 65: Scaphoid fracture - Herbert classification
Page 66: Scaphoid fracture - Mayo classification
Page 67: Fracture of pelvis - AO classification - modifed Tile AO Müller classification
Page 68: Fracture of pelvis - Tile classification (original)
Page 69: Fracture of pelvis - Young and Burgess classification of pelvic fractures
Page 70: Fracture of patella - classification of pattelar fractures
Page 71: Fracture of tibial plateau - Schatzker classification
Page 72: Moteggia fracture - Bado classification of fractures of proximal ulna
Page 73: Fracture of proximal humerus - Neer classification system of proximal humeral fractures
Page 74: Boyd and Knight classification of talar body fractures
Page 75: Fracture of radius - Frykman classification of distal radial fractures
Page 76: Fracture of radius - Melone classification of distal intraarticular radial fractures
Page 77: Fracture of head of radius - Mason classification of proximal radial fractures
Page 78: Gastroesophageal reflux - grading on barium study
Page 79: Grades of osteoarthritis by Ahlbäck
Page 80: Grading of injury of the collateral ligament of the knee on MRI and ultrasound
Page 81: Grading of meniscal injury
Page 82: Fracture types of axis, C2 by Effendi, modified by Levine & Edwards
Page 83: Aseptic necrosis of femoral head - m. Perthes, lateral pillar classification by Herring
Page 84: Hounsfield units - scale of HU, CT numbers
Page 85: Hydronephrosis - grading of dilatation of hydronephrosis
Page 86: Hydronephrosis in Infants - SFU grading - Society of Fetal Urology
Page 87: Estimate of stenosis of artery by flow velocity in peripheral arterial occlusive disease
Page 88: Idiopathic interstitial pneumonia - classification by the American Thoracic Society (ATS) and the European Respiratory Society (ERS)
Page 89: Shoulder impingement syndrome - Neer classification
Page 90: Germinal matrix hemorrhage - grading of intracranial bleeding in neonates
Page 91: Intracranial aneurysm - description of size and neck + calculator
Page 92: Subarachnoid hemorrhage - Fisher CT grading scale of subarachnoid bleeding
Page 93: Estimate of liver volume on CT or MRI - calculator
Page 94: Maximum allowable contrast dose in adults - calculator of MACD
Page 95: Calcium score (Agatston) - risk level for significant coronary artery disease (CAD)
Page 96: Prostatic cancer - types of invasion into seminal vesicles
Page 97: Kerley lines - types
Page 98: C-RADS - reporting system for CT colonography
Page 99: Conversion coefficients for dose estimation from dose-length product (DLP) in CT examination
Page 100: Atlanto-occipital dislocation - types
Page 101: Lesion of labrum glenoidale - Snyder classification of labral lesions (SLAP)
Page 102: Dislocation in acromioclavicular joint - Tossy classification of AC dislocation
Page 103: Dislocation in acromioclavicular joint - Rockwood classification of AC dislocation
Page 104: Posterior dislocation of the hip - Thompson-Epstein classification
Page 105: Perilunate instability - Mayfield classification of carpal instability
Page 106: Sternoclavicular joint injury - Allman classification
Page 107: Estimate of spleen volume on CT or MRI, splenic index - calculator
Page 108: Subependymal hemorrhage (SEH) into germinal matrix
Page 109: Malrotation of the gut
Page 110: Staging of colorectal cancer
Page 111: Criteria of midgut malrotation (volvulus, malrotation) detected on fluoroscopy in children (Katz)
Page 112: Adrenal lesion characterization by washout on a three-phase CT
Page 113: Hinchey classification of acute diverticulitis
Page 114: Mason classification of radial head fractures