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The concept of this website is based on a previous site that was founded in 2008 and is still up and running. The website is composed as a book, where all sources are properly referenced, according to a good practice in scientific publications.

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    Alberta Stroke Programme Early CT Score (ASPECTS)

    ASPECTS is a quantitative topographic prognostic score based on unenhanced CT scan in patients with middle cerebral artery infarction. For each from 10 segments, one point is deducted from initial 10 points for each segment with detectable ischemic changes. A score ≤7 points predicts worse functional outcome at 3 months and an increased risk of symptomatic intracranial hemorrhage.



    Capsula interna


    M1 - anterior MCA cortex: frontal operculum

    M2 - lateral MCA cortex: anterior part of the temporal lobe

    M3 - posterior MCA cortex: posterior part of the temporal lobe

    M4 - anterior MCA territory: above frontal operculum

    M5 - lateral MCA territory: above anterior part of the temporal lobe

    M6 - posterior MCA territory: above posterior part of the temporal lobe



    1. Barber PA, Demchuk AM, Zhang J, Buchan AM. Validity and reliability of a quantitative computed tomography score in predicting outcome of hyperacute stroke before thrombolytic therapy. ASPECTS Study Group. Alberta Stroke Programme Early CT Score. Lancet. 2000 May 13;355(9216):1670–4.

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