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The concept of this website is based on a previous site that was founded in 2008 and is still up and running. The website is composed as a book, where all sources are properly referenced, according to a good practice in scientific publications.

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    Prostatic cancer - types of invasion into seminal vesicles

    Researches at the Baylor College of Medicine identified and defined three types of invasion of prostatic cancer into seminal vesicles.

    Type Description
    Type I direct spread of prostate cancer along the ejaculatory duct complex into the seminal vesicles
    Type II invasion through the prostatic capsule into the seminal vesicles
    • Type IIA: direct spread of prostate cancer through the base of the prostate
    • Type IIB: retrograde growth of prostate cancer from the periprostatic nerve involvement
    Type III prostate cancer metastases in the seminal vesicles with no direct connection to the primary focus


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    3. Potter SR, Epstein JI, Partin AW. Seminal Vesicle Invasion by Prostate Cancer: Prognostic Significance and Therapeutic Implications. Rev Urol. 2000;2(3):190–5

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