Otosclerosis - Veillon classification of otosclerosis

Otosclerosis is a primitive dystrophia of the temporal bone that leads to abnormal bone growth. Veillon classification divides sites and extension of otosclerosis based on finding on HRCT of the temporal bone into 6 types.

Type Description
Ia isolated thickening of the footplate hypodensity
Ib isolated anterior fenestral hypodensity <1mm (AFH)
II isolated anterior fenestral hypodensity >1mm (AFH)
III anterior fenestral hypodensity >1mm, hypodensity extends to the endosteum of cochlea
IVa hypodense foci in the entire middle layer of the otic capsule: pericochlear hypodensity (PH), internal auditory canal hypodensity (IACH)
IVb involvement of the entire otic capsule including the vestibule and semicircular canals


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