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The concept of this website is based on a previous site that was founded in 2008 and is still up and running. The website is composed as a book, where all sources are properly referenced, according to a good practice in scientific publications.

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    Le Fort classification of fractures of facial skeleton

    Le Fort classification divides fractures of the midface skeleton into three basic types according to the location of the fracture plane. However, most fractures are too complex to fit exactly one of the types.

    Type Synonym Description
    Le Fort I Guérin fracture, floating palate Horizontal fracture though the maxilla and both maxillary sinuses separates the alveolar ridge of maxilla.
    Le Fort II pyramidal fracture Fracture line through the maxillary part of the zygomatic arch and the orbit enters the frontal process of maxilla and continues to the opposite side of face. Both maxillary sinuses are intact.
    Le Fort III transverse fracture Fracture line through the lateral wall of the orbit to the frontal process of maxilla and to the opposite side. Usually associated fracture of the zygomatic arch. Ethmoid cells are involved. The facial skeleton is detached from the skull base.


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