Myocardial blush grade - grading of myocardial perfusion during coronary angiography

Myocardial blush grade evaluates contrast density in the myocardial region of the infarct-related artery compared to regions of noninfarct-related arteries on coronary angiography.

Myocardial blush grade - MBG Description
MBG 0 no myocardial blush (or contrast density) or persisting blush (staining)
MGB 1 minimal myocardial blush (or contrast density)
MBG 2 moderate myocardial blush (or contrast density) but less than that obtained during angiography of a contralateral of ipsilateral noninfarct-related coronary artery
MBG 3 normal myocardial blush (or contrast density)


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