Fractures of distal humerus - Müller AO classification

Müller classification of distal humeral fracture is part of the AO scheme. This region is marked 13, so each type has this prefix, e.g. 13-A1.

Type Description
Type A Extraarticular fractures:
  • 13-A1: Apophyseal avulsion
  • 13-A2: Metaphyseal simple
  • 13-A3: Metaphyseal multifragmentary (comminuted)
Type B Partial articular fractures:
  • 13-B1: Sagittal lateral condyle
  • 13-B2: Sagittal medial condyle
  • 13-B3: Frontal
Type C Complete articular fractures:
  • 13-C1: Articular simple, metaphyseal simple
  • 13-C2: Articular simple, metaphyseal multifragmentary (comminuted)
  • 13-C3: Articular, multifragmentary (comminuted)


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