Idiopathic Lung fibrosis - semiquantitative grading of fibrotic and ground glass score

Gay et al. used a semiquantitative score to objectively assess the extent of lung fibrosis. In the study, each lobe was scored separately and mean of all lobes was used as a fibrotic, ground glass, and total score for each patient.

Alveolar score Description
0 no alveolar disease
1 ground glass opacity involving <5% of the lobe (minimal disease)
2 ground glass opacity involving <25% of the lobe
3 ground glass opacity involving 25 - 49% of the lobe
4 ground glass opacity involving 50 - 75% of the lobe
5 ground glass opacity involving >75% of the lobe
Interstitial score Description
0 no interstitial disease
1 interlobular septal thickening, no discrete honeycombing
2 honeycombing (± septal thickening) involving up to 25% of the lobe
3 honeycombing (± septal thickening) involving 25 -49% of the lobe
4 honeycombing (± septal thickening) involving 50 - 75% of the lobe
5 honeycombing (± septal thickening) involving >75% of the lobe


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