Fracture of radius - Melone classification of distal intraarticular radial fractures

Melone classification of distal intraarticular radial fractures was published in 1984. It is based on four main parts of the radius:

  • shaft
  • radial styloid
  • dorsal medial
  • palmar medial.

The original classification had four types, this modified classification has additional fifth group of severly comminuted fractures.

Type Description
Type I undisplaced fracture with no or minimal comminution
Type II "die punch" fracture with moderate to severe displacement
  • Type IIa: reducible
  • Type IIb: irreducible
Type III fracture with spike fragment - commonly associated  with nerve or tendon injury
Type IV wide separation or rotation of the dorsal fragment and rotation of the palmar fragment
Type V explosion fracture with severe comminution, transverse split, and rotational displacement


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