Estimate of liver volume on CT or MRI - calculator

This formula can be used to estimate volume of the liver on crossectional imaging methods by measuring its maximum dimension in three perpendicular axes - caudocranial (CC), latero-lateral (LL), antero-posterior (AP). A normal value is considered <2000mL.

Volume = CC x LL x AP x 0.31

Parameter Value  
Max. cranio-caudal dimension (CC)* cm
Max. latero-lateral dimension (LL)* cm
Max. antero-posterior dimension (AP)* cm

* Required




1. Muggli D, Müller MA, Karlo C, Fornaro J, Marincek B, Frauenfelder T. A simple method to approximate liver size on cross-sectional images using living liver models. Clinical Radiology. 2009 Jul;64(7):682–9.