Estimate of spleen volume on CT or MRI, splenic index - calculator

This formula can be used to estimate volume of the spleen on crossectional imaging methods by measuring three dimensions - caudocranial (L), maximum size in axial plane (D), and maximum thickness in axial plane (T).

Splenic index = L x D x T
A normal value is considered ≤480.

Volume [mL] = 30 + 0.58 x L x D x T
A normal value is considered between 110 and 340mL

Weight [g] = 1.05 x volume

Parameter Value  
Max. cranio-caudal dimension (L)* cm
Max. dimension on axial scan (D)* cm
Max. thickness on axial scan (T)* cm

* Required

Splenic index:



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1. Prassopoulos P, Daskalogiannaki M, Raissaki M, Hatjidakis A, Gourtsoyiannis N. Determination of normal splenic volume on computed tomography in relation to age, gender and body habitus.Eur Radiol. 1997; 7(2):246-8.