Grades of osteoarthritis by Ahlbäck

Ahlbäck Grade Description
Grade I Joint space narrowing (joint space < 3 mm)
Grade II Joint space obliteration
Grade III Minor bone attrition (0–5 mm)
Grade IV Moderate bone attrition (5–10 mm)
Grade V Severe bone attrition (>10 mm)


Grades of osteoarthritis by Kellgren and Lawrence

Grading of joint osteoarthritis by Kellgren and Lawrence uses plain radiograph to assess the extent of degenerative disease. Originally, the authors assessed degenerative joint disease on a single x-ray view: AP for hips, knees, and feet, lateral view for cervical and lumbar spine, and PA view for hands. In the following studies, several mutations of this classification were used.

Grade - Changes Description
Grade 0 - None no changes
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